Alan Buckman
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I'm lucky enough to live in a high rise apartment block, enjoying far reaching views. This camera is located on the former Chatham Naval Dockyard site, which dates back to around 1567. Since it's closure in1984, a large proportion of the site - including all of the ship basins and many of the former dry docks - have been extensively redeveloped into a mixture of commercial and residential properties including a marina that serves the river Medway. Part of the site, now known as the Historic Dockyard, has been maintained by a trust and is an excellent visitor attraction in Kent.

There are now two cameras to browse, which are approximately100ft up the apartment block, pointing roughly to the north. The blue buttons will reposition the camera, taking in the views from Upnor Castle in the west to Kingsnorth in the east. St Mary's Island (and the ongoing development of it) can be seen in the centre, with Chattenden and the Hoo peninsula on the horizon. The orange + and - buttons will allow you to zoom.

Both cameras have recently been upgraded. This higher definition camera runs at 4.0 MegaPixels - although it is compressed to be displayed here, the zoom function is now be considerably sharper. There is also a second camera that covers the wider river Medway, St Marys Island and Hoo peninsula.

Whilst I've always looked on this as a hobby and am happy to donate my time to the community in which I live - my investment into new equipment, web-hosting and maintenance currently outweigh any donations made to help keep the service running.

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Chatham Maritime Marina

Click on the buttons above to pan, tilt & zoom the camera.

Each preset position is optimised for approximately 50% zoom. Depending on how the
last visitor left the camera, you may need to zoom out to see each section of the Marina in full.


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