Alan Buckman
Hello and welcome to the new look website. Beyond the design, the biggest change is that the formula one material has disappeared - I'm still a big fan, but it was a time consuming excercise to try to keep it all up to date and, if I'm honest, I wasn't doing that very frequently in the end! So, I've decided to give everything a bit of a shake up. It was time to remove the least viewed content, give things a splash of paint, a fresh new look and a nod to the future where I hope I'll be adding some creative and design focussed sections in time.

I'm an IT project coordinator by trade, but am slowly teaching myself various aspects of web & graphic design - hopefully this new site will become a launchpad for new work and new ventures in the months to come. I'll finish off by saying a simple hello to those returning and a warm welcome to anyone who is new to here. I hope you enjoy the new look of things.